The opener.

My plan is to write at least once a week. I enjoy writing because it allows me to organize my thoughts. I’m the type of person that constantly thinks and I need a way to organize and let it all out. I guess that’s why people blog. I hope to be able to communicate my thoughts in a way that allows you, the reader, to feel where I’m coming from. I hope to be able to challenge you in ways that create a desire to search for the Truth. To me there is only one Truth, and it has a capital T. Jesus Christ said that No one can see the Father except through Him. He made the bold statement that He is the Way, the Life, and the Truth. So if you see me writing about the Truth and it’s capitalized you now know why, and to whom I referring to.

The photo at the top of the screen is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You see, we were created perfect and stood in perfect harmony with our Creator. We were separated by sin, or ego, or self inflicted negativity, however you want to define it (it’s something all religions agree on…there is something eternally wrong with us). God loved His creation so much that He took on the form of human flesh and humbled Himself to become the final sacrifice needed to restore that perfect harmony so we could have communion with Him again.

He died on the cross and took on the punishment for sin for us. He was buried, three days later he rose from the dead, He was seen by over 100 people, then He went to heaven. He sent us the gift of His Holy Spirit to establish a direct relationship with Him, and to empower us to continue in His ministry here on earth. The only thing we have to do is believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God died for our sins, and we gain life, for eternity! If you believe that you are a new creation! I’m walking testimony of that truth. A new creation through His Grace and Mercy. Grace is receiving something you don’t deserve, and mercy is not getting what you do deserve. God is full of Grace and Mercy!

I’m not one to argue about the Truth or say that your wrong for not believing the same way. I ask that you weigh out the facts for yourself. Search yourself and be honest with yourself about what it is that you desire, what your running from, what your chasing, and who you rebel from. I know for 33 years I ran from God and filled that “God-shaped” void in my life with everything I could, hoping that I would find satisfaction but nothing lasted. I can tell you one thing. I went from a self-centered person that hurt a lot of people, to a God-centered person who cares deeply for people and their relationship with their Creator.

All I ask is that you read the Truth that I present to you, and allow it to read you. It’s painful at times, growth doesn’t come without being stretched. It will frustrate you at times, especially when you realize that the Truth is not what you have believed, and it requires you to question everything you’ve know to this point in life. I promise that if you allow Truth to enter into your entire person…head, heart, and soul you will see things differently, and you will see how God can turn your weaknesses into strengths.

I leave you with one question. What is Truth?